Irene Miranda

irene biografiaBorn in the Spanish region of Granada, Irene fell in love with music since her early childhood. With a good dose of intuition and passionate self-education, she started developing her first singing and dancing skills. In her teens, she became acquainted with Afro-American beats: new soul, blues and funk that has become the source of her inspiration and creativeness.

Lead by the motivation to improve her artistic skills to become a professional vocalist, Irene arrived in Belgium to study at the jazz school “Jazz Studio” between the cities of Brussels and Antwerp, where she takes classes with celebrated musicians such as Chrystel Wautier, Tutu Puoane, Olivier Colette, etc...

Dance represents one of the most natural and genuine way in which Irene expresses herself through the music and this is why she continues her research and training in different music styles like African and flamenco among others.

She feels strongly attracted to foreign cultures and world music. In recent years she discovered Carnatic music (classical south Indian music) thanks to the techniques taught by Raphaelle Brochet.

While most of her trainings and career found their place in Belgium, she has established flourishing connections with several Spanish musicians like Celia Mur, who give her lessons of Vocal Jazz. She continues to performs with others such as Paco Fernandez and Kiko Aguado, and also Luis Cobo "Manglis" and Andrés Olaegui who have supported her for a remake of one of their songs alongside the band "Guadalquivir".